Peanut Butter Brown Ale-5.0%_ABV

Peanut Butter is one of our culinary pleasures, envision this remarkable taste in a cold glass of beer. POW!!! You'll crave its blend of butterynut flavor and smell with a very light touch of salty notes. Its unique savor has caught the attention to many, making it the most popular craft draft beer in our menu. Enjoy!!

Pecan Porter-5.3%_ABV

Is an impression of sweet pie, although its nutty roasted pecan flavor, makes this black malty beer a clean crisp, toasty porter of deliciousness. It's an extra big taste of our Texas pecan trees that most people support.

Honey Hefeweizen-7.3%_ABV

A smooth silky German style beer, strikes a flawless balance rich, malty sweet honey flavor with a golden elegant finish. It creates a medium-light body with dry, crisp and delicate floral note. The little American dazzle.

Mandarin IPA-4.8%_ABV

Everything in the recipe is complexity, robustness and balance of juicy citrus/tropical hops. A moderate sweet malt, carmel, and a hint of pungent hops, bitterness, full of body, a mouth feel that is nice. Pours a clear orange golden bronze with an average carbonated level. Very smooth and easy drink.

Blonde Ale-7.0%_ABV

One of the light tasting beers. Has no dominating malt or hops aspect. Remains light, refreshing with a balance of low carmel notes, sweet light maltiness and moderate hoppy. Slightly fruit flavor crisp beer similar to a larger in overall character. The more common American beer.

Medussa Hazy IPA-8.3%_ABV

A New England style beer. The Medussa hops is really unique mixed with cantalope, slightly hint of untamed spices of notes. Robust malt flavor with a lack of sweetness, steady toward hops. Big on body short of being creamy. Medium carbonation will bubble sensation. Intense bitterness of a New style of IPA.

We are frequently adding new seasonal beers to our menu so come in and visit today to see what we have!